We are extremely Proud to Present to you:

The Chiropractic Online Profile Upgrade

About Us

Ahron Sabel, Digital Specialist
Leon Sokolski, Marketing Oracle

The relationships we have with our clients are real, authentic and are based on genuine care and support.

When there is a problem, we are there immediately.

When there is room for improvement, we are quick to give you recommendations.

Our goal very simple. We want to help you utilise the online world to the best of your ability so that you can grow your brand, see more patients and succeed with your clinic!

Do you want to attract more local patients and Give your business a boost?

Our Powerful Done-for-you system

is the upgrade you need.

Those photos above are back from the beginning when we were still wearing suits every day – that’s me on the left and my business partner on the right…pretty white-collar I know. We don’t dress so formally anymore, but still I don’t think we look too bad in our suits!

…So Leon and I have a pretty insane background in the online digital marketing space – we’ve each had our fair share of clients in a wide range of industries and spent a ridiculous amount of time setting up, managing and optimising all sorts of different online campaigns.

About two years ago, we decided it was time to bring our skillsets together, combine our knowledge from previous client-results and help the market we both love and actually care about – the health and wellness industry! 💪

As the time has gone by, we’ve seen our best results come from helping our chiropractor clients / friends and it’s out of these learnings and results that we’ve been able to build this specialised program.

Our Flywheel Concept is the basis for helping our clients understand that to grow a clinic exponentially, you need maximum efficiency. You need the right systems installed so that you can work less and achieve more.

The 3 Fatal Marketing Mistakes We See Too Many Chiropractors Making.

1. Website Is Not Setup Correctly

Fortunes are invested into making the clinic beautiful, modern and elegant but there's no priority onto where 70% of potentials patients are researching before deciding to pick up the phone to call.

2. Unprofessional Facebook Page

Poor graphics and grammar errors, nothing updated in a while (last post over a few weeks)...The general public judges a business based on their Social Channels, especially in 2020. What they see on your FB Page reflects how they view your clinic. If it's unprofessional or outdated, this is how you will be perceived.

3. Not Tracking Anything

So many hours and budgets are invested into various avenues without the results being tracked. Which channels are the calls coming from? What is being searched? How can you optimise? The same strategies get repeated hoping for better results without ever knowing what is actually working and what isn't.

What Our Upgrade Includes...

We Build You A Brand New Website.

Designed and developed by our clinic website specialists, optimised for beauty and new patient inquiries.

Your site will be mobile friendly, condition-focused and include a trackable phone number to measure your results.

We Host It, Manage It & Keep It Google Friendly.

We host your website on our servers and create backups weekly. You get emergency care and ongoing adjustments when requested.

Your website will be keyword-rich, content rich and optimised for top rankings in Google's search engine.

We Update Your Facebook Page With
Fun & Educational Chiropractic Posts.

We continuously post a variety of premium designed graphic posts on your Facebook Page at the right times so that you have the best chance of reaching the most people.

We custom design each post to your clinic, use your logo and omit posts when necessary.

Designed By Certified Chiropractors,
Ready For All The Occasions.

Your posts include:
Specialised back facts, fascinating facts, chiropractic facts, health facts, headache facts, tailored holiday posts such as Easter, Father’ Day, Mother’s Day, Labour Day, New Year, Valentine Day’s, St Patrick’s Day, Christmas and many others...

We Update Your Online Blog With Condition-Focused Articles That Turn Readers Into Patients.

We post two professionally crafted educational blog articles, one advertorial style article & one infographic style article on your website every single month.

All your articles are keyword-rich and written with a Google strategy to increase your search rankings. If you don't have a blog already, we also include blog hosting for free.

Written By Certified Chiropractors & Designed By Our Graphics Team

Your articles are interactive, fun, educational and are all written by our dedicated certified chiropractors.

Our design team ensures your advertorials, your infographic articles and your regular articles are beautiful, elegant and engaging for readers.

We Setup Dynamic Tracking Numbers Across All Your Online Channels

We place dynamic local numbers on your website and social channels to measure your successes each month.

We then regularly update the data in a spreadsheet so that you can keep track of your results and determine how you can improve.

Call Management Is Included To Help You Grow Smoother.

We set you up with call scheduling, custom interactive menus, give you access to recorded calls and many other features so that you can optimise for receiving more calls and securing more appointments.

How The Upgrade Works...

Step 1:

You give us a call, we chat about your clinic and how we will upgrade your online profile, then we go ahead and set up all the systems as fast as possible.

Step 2:

We setup your accounts, upgrade your website, brand each of our proven to convert blog / FB posts with your business' logo and begin posting, and finally setup your dynamic numbers for tracking.

Step 3:

You will have a brand new website, amazing FB content posted 2x a day on your page, Blog content posted 3-4x a month on your new website, brand new dynamic numbers to track your results, and all of this without you having to lift a finger.

The Chiropractic Online Profile Upgrade Program

$ 499
99 /m
+ $500 Setup Fee
  • Specialised Website Creation
  • Website Management, Maintenance & Hosting
  • Facebook Profile Management
  • New Monthly Premium Designed Posts
  • New Monthly Premium Designed Blog Articles
  • Call Tracking Management + Setup

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Who Our Upgrade Program Is For...

Chiropractic Clinic Owners Who:

Want To Become The Local Community Expert

You want to become the go-to leading health and wellness expert in your community. When locals have a health issue, you immediately come to mind and it becomes a no-brainer to schedule an appointment with you.

Don't Want To Spend A Fortune.

You know that having a professional looking specialised website is important but you don't want to be paying heavy fees to make this come to life.

Want Their Facebook Page And Online Blog To Always Be Active

You understand that in order to stay engaged with any audience, you need to be constant and professional. You must regularly provide helpful specialised content for different patient problems on a consistent basis to always be present in the minds of potential patients.

Want To Be Google Ready

You want your clinic to be coming up to the top of Google when locals in your community are seeking help for their health issue. You understand that having keyword-rich content optimised for Google's algorithm's is what will get you there.

Want An Upgrade.

You have a website already, made either by you, your nephew or a website company and you want a more professional, specialised website that gets trackable results.

Understand The Value.

You understand how important it is to have a clean and professional website, to be tracking your results, to be reachable on Google and to have content that educates your potential patients.

Want To Invest Smartly.

You are aware of where you are putting your marketing budgets and care about monitoring your results so that you can improve them over time.

Need Help Improving Their Strategy.

You feel your website is looking good but you're not getting the kinds of results you'd like or maybe you're just unsure about it and would like help to get it up to the right standard.

Understand The Importance Of A Blog

You understand that educating your local community is essential for building trust with potential patients and attracting them to your clinic.

Why You Need A Beautiful Website?
An Active Blog?
A Regularly Updated Facebook Page?
A Phone Tracking System?

When a prospective customer hears about you (through any marketing channel), BEFORE they even consider to pick up their phone to call you or walk through your front doors...

They will do a little PRE-RESEARCH on your Business in these Two Ways:

1. They will search for you on Google.
2. They will search for you on Facebook.

You Need A High-Quality WEBSITE.

First they'll head over to Google to check out your Website.

This is your "Home Base."

The Biggest Piece of your ONLINE PROFILE.

It is SO important to ensure that you Website looks great and communicates some key pieces of information

...on every device!

Think about how you uphold the appearance of your front window in your physical practice...

The same applies (it's if not more important) with your "WEBSITE."

From the perspective of your potential patients...

This is the most Up-To-Date most Accurate Reflection of Who You Are and What Your Clinic is all About!

They will SEE IT, they will CONNECT, it will FEEL RIGHT for them and they will CALL YOU.

Our Advice.

IT MUST Focus on the Conditions you Treat.
IT MUST Walk them Through their First Visit.
IT MUST HAVE Location and Hours.
IT MUST HAVE Pictures of the Doc and Staff.
IT MUST HAVE Great Content from the Doc.

Something else I'll add is that 50% of Web Traffic to small-business websites comes from Mobile Devices.
That means YOU NEED your site to be Mobile-Friendly and Google Optimised.

You Need A Facebook Page That Is Living And Breathing...DAILY.

Second thing potential patients will do (and sometimes first) is search for your business on Facebook and see what's happening there.

The Website is your PROFESSIONAL IMAGE and where they get the Basic Information.

Your Facebook Page is your CLINIC'S PERSONALITY.

It's where they get a peak at "WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING ON THE INSIDE."

Countless statistics show that an overwhelming amount of people today use Facebook as a "First Hand Source" of info. about a clinic when they hear about them from a friend / family member / traditional marketing source.

Our Advice.

IT MUST HAVE A Professional Profile Picture.
IT MUST HAVE A Professional Timeline Cover.
IT MUST HAVE Interesting Posts Branded With Your Logo.
IT MUST HAVE Posts Updated 1-2x Every Single Day.

I've personally seen these to be THE KEYS for making a Chiropractic Facebook Page a Patient Magnet.

You Need An Online Blog That Educates, Builds Trust & Humanises Your Clinic.

Your Potential Patients want your Support and will search your website to get Advice and Guidance.

You MUST have updated educational content that speaks to potential patients about their Specific Conditions.

Your Blog is what showcases your CLINIC'S EXPERTISE.

It's where they get to feel the value you have to offer before they opt to walk through your doors.

You'd be surprised... they'll usually share this interesting info. at the next dinner event with friends, family members... before you know it, you've become the known trusted source for health information in your community.

The thing is, people take a lot of care when choosing their health practitioner

...Which is why it's so important to create a genuine HUMANISTIC feel with potential patients so that they can connect with you and choose you to schedule an appointment.

Our Advice.

IT MUST BE Fun And Educational.
IT MUST BE Relevant To Specific Patient Conditions.
IT MUST BE Google Optimised.
IT MUST HAVE Articles Updated 3-4x Every Single Month.

By the way, chiropractors with the most Up-To-Date Blogs are the easiest for prospects to find on Google.

You Need Dynamic Numbers To Track & Optimise Your Results.

When you receive a new call, you must be strategic and TRACK where it came from.

Did they find and call your number from your Website? From your Facebook page? From one of your Condition-Based Blog Articles?

Was it from Google-My-Business? A different marketing campaign you're running?

What exactly did they type in on Google to find your number?...

A tracking system is extremely important for measuring the EFFECTIVENESS of your online profile.

Otherwise, you'll have no idea if the time / money you are investing is actually paying off.

I'll leave you with this...if you want to optimise the growth of your clinic, call tracking is ESSENTIAL.

Our Advice.

INSTALL Call Tracking In Your Clinic.

You won't regret it.

What Other Agencies Are Charging For These Services...

Regular Marketing Agency Pricing Online Profile Upgrade Program

Specialised Website Creation

~ $3,000

Included In Program

Website Maintenance & Hosting

~ $400 /m

Included In Program

Facebook Post Management

~ $500 /m

Included In Program

New Monthly Premium Designed Graphic Posts

~ $400 /m

Included In Program

New Monthly Blog Articles:(2 Written, 1 Infographic, 1 Advertorial)

~ $500 /m

Included In Program

Call Tracking Management

~ $200 /m

Included In Program

Total: ~ $3,000 + $2,000 /m

What We Are Charging...

+ 50% Off For The First 30 Sign-Ups.

The Chiropractic Online Profile Upgrade Program

$ 499
99 /m
+ $500 Setup Fee
  • Specialised Website Creation
  • Website Management, Maintenance & Hosting
  • Facebook Profile Management
  • New Monthly Premium Designed Posts
  • New Monthly Premium Designed Blog Articles
  • Call Tracking Management + Setup

Chat With Us Now!

Give us a call and let’s chat about how our upgrade program can help you!

OR...Schedule A Call Back!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get started once I sign up?

We are fast.

When you click below and get started with a call, we'll first chat about your clinic, it generally takes us a week to get all of your details and content created and to get new posts up on your FB page, your blog and to have your website up and running.

From that point onwards, your website will be setup, you will see new content hitting your page 2x a day and have your first official blog post on your website.

New posts will commence within 7 days and your "page makeover" will typically be completed withinin 2 weeks.

What happens if I want to post on my own page (or delete something)?

The best part of our service is that you still retain 100% control of your page.

You can post, change, or delete anything that hits your page at any time without interfering with our service.

You retain full control of your page.

What do I do if I have a question (or need to make changes) once we get started?

You can contact us anytime by contacting us at [email protected]

Isn't posting 2x a day on my Facebook page too much?

No. It's exactly the right amount.

You have to keep in mind that your page's fans won't be seeing every post that we push live. If we post 2x a day (7 days a week), your average Facebook page fan will only see 1-2 of those posts.

This posting frequency ensures that you satisfy the Facebook algorithm and have maximum opportunity to get in front of your audience (while still showing new visitors that you are absolutely on top of your page).

PLEASE NOTE: Because you're the administrator of your page, you'll see a higher number of your page's posts in your own newsfeed. (you audience won't see as many posts as you do).

Do I have to sign a contract to start using this Service?

Only if you want to!

We have some clients who like to have a contract in place when commencing with our services. We can prepare that and get everything ready for you.

That said... If you hate contracts (and don't want to get locked into anything), we don't require them.

You can use our upgrade program month to month. We just ask that you give us a 30 day notice if you're going to cancel your account.

Is your Service Facebook Safe?


We're a stickler for the rules on Facebook and will never do anything that would put your page at risk.